I know My sheep, and am known of Mine

John 10:1-18

John 10:1

Those pretended shepherds who came not as the Scriptures had appointed were robbers seeking only their own advantage.

John 10:2

Jesus came according to prophecy, in the right and ordained manner.

John 10:3

John the Baptist knew him and opened the door for him.

John 10:3

Outside an eastern village there was a stone enclosure, within which the flocks of the inhabitants were penned at night. When the owner of any one of the flocks desired to lead forth his sheep the porter admitted him, and he soon separated his own sheep from the rest

John 10:4, 5

The shepherd has only to call his own sheep, and they rise and follow. No one can deceive them; if a stranger were dressed in their shepherd’s clothes, they would detect him by his voice.

John 10:6-8

The elect of God were not duped, but waited till the true Christ came.

John 10:9-11

Best token of goodness! Noblest deed of love!

The false shepherds were all for gain, but Jesus loved us, and gave himself for its.

John 10:14

Mutual knowledge exists between Jesus and his people. He never mistakes one of them, neither do they follow a pretender under the supposition that he is their Lord. Grace bestows discernment upon the saints, and they know their leader from all others.

John 10:16

The Gentiles were not folded, and were like stray sheep. They are now by grace united with the chosen Jews in one flock.

John 10:17, 18

As God, our Lord Jesus held his life absolutely at his own disposal, and no power could compel him to die, but he became our sin-bearer, and for our sake the servant of the Father, and therefore, to carry out his office, he even laid down his life for us. Blessed be his glorious name for evermore.


Loving Shepherd of thy sheep,

Keep me, Lord, in safety keep;

Nothing can thy power withstand,

None can pluck me from thy hand.

Loving Shepherd, thou didst give

Thine own life that I might live;

May I love thee day by day,

Gladly thy sweet will obey.

Where thou leadest me I go,

Walking in thy steps below;

Then before thy Father’s throne,

Jesu, claim me for thy own.


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