He satisfieth the longing soul

Psalm 107:1-22

We shall read for our instruction a part of that devout hymn of praise—Psalm 107:1-22.

Psalm 107:3

If all the rest of mankind should be dumb, the redeemed must not be. It is theirs to lead the song, and tell how the Lord conducts them through the wilderness to the promised rest. The psalmist speaks of the Lord’s goodness to travellers across the desert, and such are we.

Psalm 107:6

Necessity is often the mother of prayer, and prayer is the forerunner of deliverance. Our soul may faint, but so long as we can pray we shall not perish.

Psalm 107:7-9

Here ends the paragraph which refers to pilgrims, the song now tells of the Lord’s goodness to prisoners. All the saints have been spiritual captives, and are all bound to praise the Lord as they remember how he set them free.

Psalm 107:13

Bondage under conviction, weariness through legal labour, and a sense of utter help- lessness, compel men to pray, and then their deliverance comes. God has made his grace illustrious in the liberation of the prisoners of hope.

Psalm 107:14-16

Now the psalm deals with the sick, especially those whose sickness is brought on by their own folly, and here again we are all portrayed.

Psalm 107:17, 18

Sick people are whimsical as to their food, for their appetite is gone; and even so under soul sickness, men refuse the best of comforts, and cannot believe those promises which would cheer them.

Psalm 107:22

See the order here: the soul is sore sick, it begins to pray; the Lord sends his word, the soul is healed; praise is presented, and God is glorified. May this become a matter of experience with each one of us.


He feeds and clothes us all the way,

He guides our footsteps lest we stray;

He guards us with a powerful hand,

And brings us to the heavenly land.


O let the saints with joy record

The truth and goodness of the Lord!

How great his works! how kind his ways!

Let every tongue pronounce his praise.



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