Help Thou me.”

Psalm 119:81-104

We have upon former occasions read portions of the one hundred and nineteenth Psalm. It is so precious that we will continue to study it, and now read from verse eighty-one to verse one hundred and four.

Psalm 119:82

We have the word in the Bible, but we want it to be applied by the Holy Spirit to our hearts, and we eagerly long to have it so. O Lord, grant our desire.

Psalm 119:83

Like an old wine-skin blackened and shrivelled by smoke, he was worn with pain and anxiety, yet. he did not leave the way of holiness, nor should we think of doing so, come what may.

Psalm 119:84-86

A prayer as sweet as it is short; let us use it: “Help thou me.”

Psalm 119:87, 88

We are always in need of the Spirit’s quickening influences. Our hearts cannot keep fast hold upon the truth if they become paralysed by worldliness.

Psalm 119:89

Other things are fleeting and changeable, thy promise is fixed and sure; and this is our soul’s stay in time of trouble. What should we do if the promise could fail?

Psalm 119:90, 91

Nature fulfils thy purposes, thou givest fixity to its laws, and even so shall the plans and promises of grace abide for ever.

Psalm 119:92-95

This was far better than considering his danger and devising plans for escape. Faith continues her meditations undisturbed by the rage of her adversaries.

Psalm 119:96

Perfect happiness in this world, or perfection in the flesh, are dreams, but the law is perfect, and so also is the glorious plan of salvation, therefore do we turn away from all else to rest in the Lord.

Psalm 119:98-100

He became wiser than “his enemies” in subtlety, than “his teachers” in doctrine, than “the ancients” in experience. What a fruitful harvest did David reap in the field of Scripture. The same wisdom may be found by each of us if we learn from the same testimonies.

Psalm 119:102

No other teaching is so practically effectual. He teacheth us to profit.

Psalm 119:103, 104

May such a holy abhorrence of sin be found in each of us evermore.


The men that keep thy law with care,

And meditate thy word,

Grow wiser than their teachers are,

And better know the Lord.


Thy precepts make me truly wise;

I hate the sinners’ road;

I hate my own vain thoughts that rise;

But love thy law, O God.


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