I am Thy servant, give me understanding

Psalm 119:105-128

Psalm 119:105

It is a practical guide, not a book for my study only, but for my daily walk.

Psalm 119:107

Our greatest need in times of trouble is more spiritual life. Afflictions will be a gain to us if they are sanctified to our more thorough arousing and enlivening. We have a promise that it shall be so, for the psalmist says, “according unto thy word.”

Psalm 119:109

Fear often drives away holy thought, and urges men to sin; faith enables the believer to remain in quiet communion with God, even when life itself is in danger.

Psalm 119:110-115

Bad companions must be chased away, for they are great enemies to holy living. We must be plain with the ungodly, and tell them that their company will never please us till they learn to please God.

Psalm 119:116-119

God’s justice in treading down and destroying the wicked is not distasteful to a holy mind; on the contrary, we love him for being angry with evil, and relieving the world of those who are given over to it. A God without justice would be no God to just men.

Psalm 119:120

Seeing others punished, we feel a holy awe in our own souls, and fear lest we also should be deceived by sin.

Psalm 119:124

We dare not court justice, yet we do not ask for a mercy which would allow us to sin; we crave the grace which teaches us to follow after holiness.

Psalm 119:125

A good master will teach his young servant his business and bear with his ignorance; he cannot, however, give him understanding; but this our heavenly Master can perform.

Psalm 119:126

When bad living and bad doctrine cast a slur upon religion, we may importunately beg the Lord to interfere to protect the interests of his own word. Are we not living in precisely such times?

Psalm 119:127, 128

David was a decided man, he took strong ground and did not compromise, he loved right and hated wrong. That is the only safe position: there let us be found.


Great is their peace who love thy law,

How firm their souls abide!

Nor can a bold temptation draw

Their steady feet aside.


Thou hast inclined this heart of mine,

Thy statutes to fulfil;

And thus, till mortal life shall end,

Would I perform thy will.


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