Thou hast ascended on high

Acts 1

Luke commences the Acts of the Apostles with a kind of preface which runs thus

Acts 1.

Acts 1:7, 8

Humble waiting upon God, and joyful work for him, are the best cures for excessive curiosity.

Acts 1:10, 11

When we stand gazing and. trifling, the consideration of our Master’s second coming should quicken and awaken us; when we stand gazing and trembling, the same truth should comfort and encourage us.

Acts 1:12, 14

Prayer welded them together; we hear no more of those strifes, which were once so frequent, as to which of them should be the greatest.

Acts 1:15, 16

What a gentle way of putting it. Harsh words are not to be used even of the worst of men. One is glad to hear Peter speaking thus calmly, surely he was made tender by the memory of his own fall.

Acts 1:17-26

No instance of the use of the lot occurs after the Spirit was given. It was an Old Testament custom, and to use it now would be idle superstition.


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