We ought to obey God rather than men

Acts 5:17-36, 38-42

Acts 5:17, 18

The Sadducees were the Broad Churchmen of their day, yet their liberal views did not prevent their persecuting the lovers of the truth. Men of no religion are frequently the greatest bigots in the world.

Acts 5:24

Staggered but not converted, they went madly on with their persecution. Truly, when a sinner is set on mischief nothing will stop him but the grace of God.

Acts 5:26-28

As in Æsop’s fable, the sheep of Jesus are charged by the wolf with troubling the water.

Acts 5:29, 30

Peter does not flinch; he lays the great crime of Jesus death at their door.

Acts 5:31-36, 38, 39

Bad but prudent men have frequently, for policy’s sake, advocated toleration, and so have been in the hands of God the means of delivering his people from persecution. We should admire the great Head of the church who can find a protector for her, even in the enemy’s camp.

Acts 5:41, 42

Those who had been scourged rejoiced, but their enemies went home envious and wretched. We ought to rejoice if we bear reproach for Christ; and we should persevere in serving the Lord, however furiously we may be opposed.


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