He went on his way rejoicing

Acts 8:26-40

Acts 8:26

How precious is one single soul in the sight of the Lord! In order to bring one person to the faith, he sends an angel to Philip, and sends Philip from populous Samaria to the desert.

Acts 8:27, 28

A teacher of the gospel must go in the obedience of faith, although the call leads him into the wilderness.

Acts 8:27, 28

The word of God is the best reading on a journey; not only on the desert way from Jerusalem, but on the way through time to eternity. We forget thereby the hardships of the way, we look not aside to forbidden paths, we make thereby blessed travelling acquaintances, and we go forward on the right path to the blessed goal.

Acts 8:29, 30

If a teacher, on his visit, finds people occupied with the word of God, he must not long waste time with digressions about the weather and the state of their health, but take the word of God for his text and introduction, as it lies open.

Acts 8:31-33

It was the finger of God which pointed to this passage; for the sum of all Christian truth is

Christ, both humbled and exalted. In this is contained an admonition for all teachers to lead souls, as the chief matter, to the knowledge of Christ, the Crucified and the Risen One. This, as a rule, is much more effective than moral preaching. The missionaries in Greenland who, with discourses on the living God and his holy commandments, preached for a whole year to deaf ears, struck home when they commenced with the evangelical message, “Behold the Lamb of God, that taketh away the sins of the world!”

Acts 8:37

See the order: the word is understood, then comes faith, and then baptism. Is the Lord’s order right? Then let no man alter it. None can have any right to church ordinances but those who believe with all their hearts that Jesus is the Son of God.

Acts 8:38, 39

When the good man’s work was done, the new convert needed him no more, for he had the key of the scriptures in his own hands.

Acts 8:40

This chapter should be read candidly, and its teachings accepted: what they are is so clear that there is little need of explanation. Take heed how ye read.


Obedience fills the soul with joy,

Then let us now obey;

Our heart believes, our duty’s clear,

And Jesus leads the way.


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