Jesus Christ maketh thee whole

Acts 9:23-43

Paul’s bold preaching soon aroused the enmity of those who had formerly admired him.

Acts 9:26

This was three years after his conversion, after he had been in retirement in Arabia. It must have been a hard lesson for Paul to find himself suspected by brethren whom he loved.

Acts 9:37

This was a right brotherly deed. New converts need a friend.

Acts 9:32-35

Christians are always ready to do good to the sick. We cannot now restore them by miracle, and, therefore, by kind nursing and care to provide hospitals, we must do the best we can to show that we care for them. Spiritual healing is, however, still among us, and it is our joy to whisper in the despairing sinners ear, “Jesus Christ maketh thee whole.”

Acts 9:36

Dorcas or gazelle

Acts 9:36

Peter healed and Dorcas clothed; grace prompts the saints to help the helpless.

Acts 9:39

and shewing the coats and garments or upper and under garments

Acts 9:39

These are the best relics of the saints. Many leave behind them wealth wrung out of the poor: hers was a noble legacy.

Acts 9:40, 41

nothing can be done without prayer, not even by an apostle

Acts 9:40, 41

Luke describes the weeping of the widows at her death; he relates nothing concerning their joy at her being raised, for that was indescribable. Have we so lived that the poor would rejoice to see us back again when we die? Christian women should make Dorcas their example, and labour according to their ability for the needy ones around them.

Acts 9:42, 43

Whose hospitality has immortalized his name. It matters little what trade a man is, if he serves the Lord in it. Are we doing so in ours?


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