VIDEO Standing Firm in a Pagan World


Adrian Rogers: Standing Firm in a Pagan World [#2456]

We are moving away from a Christian consensus in America. Many people have come to believe that choice of one religious faith over another is irrelevant. And why do they say this? Because they say all religions teach the same basic lessons about life. Find what God’s word has to say about this.


8 thoughts on “VIDEO Standing Firm in a Pagan World

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  2. Thank you for noticing the growth of true spirituality! I reblogged this with some pagan spin on it, thanks for seeing that we are growing. God bless, and Gods Bless, thank you!


      • I see what your saying there, but if i
        know artists, and the God of Creation is an Artist. His preferance is people admire his art, preserve it, make fan art, get inspired directly from it. He will likely reward the biggest fan of his art the spiritual leadership of humanity.


        • I enjoy and admire his creation as I see you do. His creation points to the Creator. He sure is an Artist with a sense of humor. As long as we lead people to our Creator to worship our Creator we Honor our Creator, an artist. God always judges our motives, so you need not worry if someone does not understand or agree with you. Better to be approved by Our Creator God than man.

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