Thanks be unto God, who always causeth us to triumph in Christ

Acts 14:8-27

Acts 14:8

This represents the impotency of all men in spiritual things till the grace of God puts strength into them. When we were yet without strength Christ died for the ungodly.

Acts 14:9-11

Even now-a-days foolish persons will speak of a new minister as if he were a god, and in a short time will turn round and oppose him.

Acts 14:12-17

We do not find that they rent their clothes when the people talked of stoning them, but when they spake of worshipping them, they could not bear it; being more concerned for God’s honour than their own

Acts 14:18, 19

This is popularity—a god yesterday, and a criminal to-day; garlands first, stones afterwards. How fickle is man!

Acts 14:20-22

Paul was left for dead.

Acts 14:20-22

Paul was a true hero, the garlands did not ensnare him, nor the stones defeat him; he had young converts to cheer, and at all hazards he entered the city again

Acts 14:20-22

The apostles had themselves endured much tribulation, and they very candidly assured the converts that they must expect the same. If we reckon upon a smooth path to heaven we deceive ourselves.

Acts 14:23

Churches must have pastors; those assemblies which have no ministers are not according to the apostles order.

Acts 14:24-27

The returned missionaries held one of the first missionary meetings. Their speeches consisted of the details of God’s work through them, and made the saints in Antioch exceedingly glad.

As a family, do we help missions as we ought? The heathens are perishing, are we clear of their blood?


The heathen perish: day by day

Thousands on thousands pass away;

O Christians, to their rescue fly;

Preach Jesus to them ere they die.


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