Come over and help us

Acts 15:35-41

Acts 15:36

An active spirit will not long be at rest. Love to Jesus sets a man at work for his cause, and leads him to stir up others, as Paul did Barnabas.

Acts 15:37, 38

He would not go out a second time with a faint-hearted deserter, and he was right. Barnabas, believing that John Mark was penitent for what he had done, and would henceforth be faithful, wished to give him another opportunity; and he was right. Now, since these two brethren had each right on his side, neither of them could yield the point without violating his honest judgment, and we do not therefore wonder that the contention grew hot. The Holy Spirit is very considerate in thus recording the difficulties which occurred even among inspired men. How can we expect always to see eye to eye, when Paul and Barnabas differed?)

Acts 15:39-41

There was no help for it but to part. Barnabas went one way with his nephew, and Paul another with Silas. Mark turned out well, and so justified the opinion of Barnabas, but Paul could not foresee that, and is not to be condemned for acting upon the general rule that he who puts his hand to the plough and looks back has proved himself unworthy. This separation, though painful in its cause, was a most excellent thing. There was no need for two such men to be together, they were each able to lead the way alone, and by their doing so double good was accomplished.

Acts 16:1-12

Acts 16:6-9

This is the great missionary call, and it is by night as well as by day sounding in the ears of the church of God. Once Europe thus called to Asia, now all the world is crying to us, “Come over and help us.”

Acts 16:10

The change of person and the use of the words “we,” and “us,” show that Luke was now in Paul’s company. Paul and Silas, Timothy and Luke, set forth to cross over into Macedonia as soon as the heavenly communication came. All servants of Christ should be thus prompt in obedience.

Acts 16:11, 12

In this manner the gospel came to our quarter of the globe. Blessed be God that ever Paul was led to cross the sea; may other lands rejoice in missionaries of the cross who shall visit them from us.


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