Is He the God of the Jews only? Is He not also of the Gentiles

Acts 17:1-15

We shall still follow Paul in his missionary wanderings. Silas and Timothy continued with him.

Acts 17:3

The apostle’s custom was to reason from the Scriptures, and surely there is no weapon so powerful as that which is taken from the armoury of inspiration.

Acts 17:4, 5

On a former occasion Satan employed the honourable to disturb the apostles work, now he summons the low fellows of the markets; little does he care what tools he uses, so that he can compass his ends. The mob attacked Jason’s house, supposing the preachers to be there. The story reads like a tale of the early Methodist times.

Acts 17:6, 7

Earnest Christians have often been attacked with this handy weapon—they are innovators, and, of course, are the enemies of “our glorious constitution,” causing infinite disturbance by their newfangled ways. Verily, church history repeats itself.

Acts 17:8, 9

Honoured indeed was Jason to be surety for one against whom the world was enraged, but of whom the world was not worthy.

Acts 17:10

See how they persevere, they are at their old work again.

Acts 17:11

The candour of these Bereans was their nobility, they did not condemn unheard. Knowing the Old Testament to be the word of God, they tested the gospel by it.

Acts 17:12

They proved all things, and then held fast what they had tested.

Acts 17:13

Earnest saints have earnest enemies; pleased with their success at Thessalonica, the Jews used the same tactics at Berea; yet they only gave wings to the feet of the missionaries and kept the light moving on.

Acts 17:15

What Berea lost Athens gained, for Paul arrived there all the earlier. Let Satan do what he may, he only speeds on the cause which he desires to hinder. To God be all glory, for thus vanquishing evil with good.


Oh, how restless is the foe

Jesu’s kingdom to o’erthrow!

Shall not we as zealous prove

To proclaim redeeming love?


Let us publish saving grace,

Scatter life in every place;

Dare the world’s and Satan’s frown,

Turn his kingdom upside down.


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