My heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they might be saved

Acts 21:37-40

We left the apostle in the hands of the, chief captain and his soldiers, who were carrying him away to their quarters.

Acts 21:37, 38

The request uttered in the Greek language startled the captain.

Acts 21:39

The best of men are often mistaken for the very worst, nor need they wonder, for their Lord was condemned as a malefactor.

Acts 21:40

The storm subsided into a lull, and Paul, the bravest of the brave, with the utmost composure proceeded to address the crowd.

Acts 22:1, 3-18, 21, 22

Acts 22:3-5

He showed that he had once been as furious against the Christians as they themselves now were: this was intended to win their attention to the rest of his defence.

Acts 22:12-16

When baptism is preceded by repentance, and is attended by a believing calling on the name of the Lord, it becomes a beautiful emblem of that washing away of sins, which is graciously given to all believers. Paul told his own conversion, for he well knew that God often blesses such personal confessions. He then proceeded to give his reason for preaching to the Gentiles.

Acts 22:22

Their national prejudice was aroused: they could not endure that the Gentiles should be spoken of as regarded by God. May the Lord save us from all bitterness and bigotry of spirit.


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