The Lord stood by him

Acts 22:23-30

The infuriated mob raved like madmen when Paul had spoken of the Lord’s grace towards the Gentiles.

Acts 22:26

When the centurion who was appointed to scourge him

Acts 23:1-11

Acts 23:3

Paul’s temper was roused by the unjust conduct of the high priest. His prophecy was fearfully fulfilled: almost at the commencement of the siege of Jerusalem Ananias fell by the daggers of his enemies. We cannot help noting the difference between the meek silence of Jesus, and the indignant reply of Paul.

Acts 23:9

The apostle obeyed the injunction, “Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” He saw how hopeless it was to plead his cause before so prejudiced an assembly, and therefore he raised another issue. He knew that the Pharisees and Sadducees hated each other even worse than they hated him; and, therefore, he cast in a spark upon their combustible materials, and set them in a blaze. The two parties left their victim, and turned their weapons against each other.

Acts 23:10, 11

A mid the uncongenial sights and sounds of the barracks, the heart of the apostle would have sunk had it not been for the heavenly visitation. Jesus will not leave his faithful servants alone—he will reveal himself to us when we are in sore distress. Never let us despair, for the Lord has more work for us to do yet.


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