The turning away of the simple shall slay them

Acts 24:1-19, 22, 24-27

Acts 24:1-3

He flattered the detestable Felix, of whom it was hard to say a single good word. To gain their ends men stoop to anything.

Acts 24:11-16

the way which they call heresy or a sect

Acts 24:24, 25

This aged sinner had enticed Drusilla while a girl of about eighteen from her husband, and was living not only in open sin with her, but also in the commission of every other crime. Paul did well, therefore, to preach to him concerning the judgment: the cowardly voluptuary trembled, but continued in his sins.

Acts 24:26

He longed for bribes, and therefore retained his innocent prisoner. Men will do anything for gain. This man felt the power of Paul’s sermon, but loved the wages of sin too well to repent. If we also are saying, “When I have a more convenient season I will call for thee;” is it not because we do not mean to give up our sins?

Acts 24:27

And thus the apostle remained shut up for two whole years, and then was compelled to appeal unto Cæsar to avoid being taken up to Jerusalem, and murdered on the road. During the time that he waited to be sent to Rome, he was brought before Agrippa. Of his noble speech on that occasion we shall read in our next lesson.


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