The Word of God is not bound

Acts 28:16-31

Acts 28:16

He, no doubt, had a house near the Prætorian barracks, and thus enjoyed more liberty than in a prison; but he had a soldier fastened to his arm by a chain, a cause of constant discomfort, however courteous the soldier might be.

Acts 28:21, 22

This has always been the mark of real Christians; and yet, for all that, they conquer the hearts of men. Christ is set for a sign which shall be spoken against, and to be called “a sect,” has been the constant lot of his faithful church.

Acts 28:23

Such industry should shame us. Paul was not content with delivering a sermon every day, but kept his house open to inquirers, and poured out continually a stream of holy teaching.

Acts 28:24

That is always the case, whoever may be the preacher. On the stony ground the seed brings forth no harvest, even though an apostolic hand sows it. To which of the two classes do we belong? Do we believe? Or are we unbelievers still?

Acts 28:25-28

If we also remain unbelieving, God may take the gospel from us, and send it to others who will accept it. That would be a dreadful thing indeed. How long will it be ere we believe in Jesus? Do we mean to provoke the Lord to forsake us for ever?

Acts 28:30, 31

Thus Luke, beginning at Jerusalem, closes his narrative at Rome, following the footprints of the gospel from the Mount of Olives to the City of the Seven Hills, and showing how the foundations of the church were laid both in Asia and Europe. What was begun with so much heroism ought to be continued with ardent zeal, since we are assured that the same Lord is mighty still to carry on his heavenly designs.


Christ and his cross is all our theme;

The mysteries that we speak

Are scandal in the Jew’s esteem,

And folly to the Greek.


But souls enlighteh’d from above

With joy receive the Word;

They see what wisdom, power, and love

Shine in their dying Lord.


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