Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God

Romans 1:1-23

The Epistle to the Romans is one of the greatest of Paul’s writings, and is rather a treatise than a letter. It was probably written by him from Corinth, three years before he himself arrived at Rome. Dean Alford says, “There is not a grander thing in literature than this opening of the Epistle to the Romans.”

Romans 1:1-4

As to his flesh, he was of the seed of David, but his higher nature was by his resurrection manifested most powerfully to be divine. Had he not risen he could not have been God; his resurrection by his own power has made his Godhead plain.

Romans 1:9-12

Little did he dream that his prayers were to be answered by his being conveyed in chains to the great city. Very mysterious are the Lord’s ways of granting our requests.

Romans 1:13

let or hindered

Romans 1:14

His office and his gifts placed him in debt to mankind to labour for their conversion, and every Christian, according to his ability, is in the same condition. Are we paying the debts under which the Lord has laid us?

Romans 1:15

He was not afraid of danger, and was willing to come right under the palace walls of Cæsar. In due time his desire became a fact.

Romans 1:21-23

They must have known better. No man in his senses can worship birds and beasts without feeling degraded by so doing. Natural reason rebels against such an insult to God, and as they would not listen to its voice the heathen were left to fall into abominable vices. Let us never slight the checks of conscience, lest we should be given over to our own corrupt hearts. No doom could be more terrible.


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