God hath not cast away His people which He foreknew

Romans 11:1-12, 25-36

Romans 11:1

Personal evidence is best. Paul, as an undoubted Israelite, found in his own conversion the proof that the Lord had not utterly rejected the seed of Abraham.

Romans 11:2

Wot or know

Romans 11:4

Things are often much better with the church of God than wise and good men think they are. They are ready to give up all for lost, when it is not so. God has a remnant still.

Romans 11:5, 6

This is the gospel in a nutshell. He who remembers these distinctions is on the right road to sound theology.

Romans 11:7, 8

“It is a dreadful art that some acquire of having eyes and not seeing, of having ears and not hearing, of sleeping on when heaven, earth, and hell are making their souls a battle-field.”

Romans 11:25

Though blindness has happened to Israel in part, yet not to all Israel. The Lord knoweth them that are his, and he will save them by his grace. Better times are, however, coming even for Israel after the flesh, for in the latter days they shall be converted to the Saviour.

Romans 11:28, 29

He never repents of his choice, or changes his purposes of love.

Romans 11:30-32

He shuts them up as condemned by the law, that he may deal with them in a way of grace.

Romans 11:36

All things are of him, as the efficient cause; through him, as the disposing cause; to him, as the final cause. They are of him, without any other motive; through him, without any assistance; and to him, without any other end.


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