Receive ye one another, as Christ also received us

Romans 15:1-16

Romans 15:1

If any course of action which would be safe to us would be dangerous to weaker brethren, we must consider their infirmity and deny ourselves for their sakes.

Romans 15:2-4

Jerome says, “Love the scriptures, and wisdom will love thee.” Chrysostom says, “Is it not absurd, that in money matters men will not trust to others, but the counters are produced and the sum cast up; yet, in their soul’s affairs, men are led and drawn away by the opinions of others, and this when they have an exact scale and an exact rule, viz., the declaration of the divine laws? Therefore, I entreat and beseech you all, that, not minding what this or that man may say about these things, you would consult the Holy Scriptures concerning them.”

Romans 15:6

Among Christians there must be unity, and especially in Christian families, so that all our powers may be undividedly employed in praising God. If we are jealous one of another, or use angry language, and quarrelsome words, we cannot glorify God as we ought.

Romans 15:7

If the Lord Jesus has indeed received us, and bears with our weaknesses and follies, well may we have patience with one another, and show pity to each other’s infirmities.

Romans 15:8

Jesus, our Lord, became the servant of the Jews, and preached among them in fulfilment of prophecy; shall we not become the servants of others for their good? Nor did his ministry end with Israel; but we, who are Gentiles, share the blessing; therefore, like our Lord, we should seek the good of all mankind and live to bless them.

Romans 15:15, 16

As Paul was peculiarly the apostle of the Gentiles, he was the more anxious that in the Gentiles the gospel should produce the acceptable fruit of mutual love. Every man should give most attention to that part of the work with which the Lord has entrusted him, with the one pure motive that God may be glorified thereby. Paul was insatiable for the glory of God and the prosperity of the church; let us be filled with the same zeal.


Lord, if thou hast made us strong,

Let us learn to help the weak;

Bearing with each other long,

While the good of all we seek.


May we with one heart and mind

Seek the glory of thy name;

In one sacred league combined,

All our aims and hopes the same.


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