Trials Are Worth It!

James 1:9-12

God’s Word says that trials are an opportunity to build endurance and grow in wisdom, so we should face them with joy (James 1:2-4). But are they worth it? Does it pay to go through all the pain, heartache, and struggle to let God do His work in your life?

The answer is yes, because when God is at work, His plan is to bless His children. The steps en route to that blessing can be burdensome, though, so it’s important to stay mindful that He has good purpose for your adversity. Seven truths will help you to rejoice, even in the midst of difficulties. Know that trials …

  • Are under God’s control; He limits their length and intensity.
  • Have a purpose and are not endured in vain.
  • Will result in good.
  • Can strengthen your faith and develop Christlikeness in you.
  • Are an opportunity to demonstrate perseverance under pressure.
  • Will encourage your dependence on God.
  • Aren’t for you to face alone; God will go with you the entire way. And through His grace and power, you will ultimately be victorious.

Remember that God is a caring heavenly Father. He loves us too much to give in to complaints when there is something awesome He wants to do in our life. And He hopes that when the difficulty has passed and we’re where He wants us to be, we will recognize the blessing and say, “Thank You, dear God, for not doing what I wanted You to do!”

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