The love of money is the root of all evil

1 Timothy 6

The first epistle to Timothy concludes with a practical exhortation relating to various classes in the church, and with an earnest word to the young minister himself.

1 Timothy 6:1, 2

For Christian servants to take undue liberties because their employers are believers, is shameful, they ought rather to render them higher respect and more willing service.

1 Timothy 6:6

It makes us truly happy, by making our little into much and sweetening all the trials of life: “Poor and content is rich, and rich enough.”

1 Timothy 6:7, 8

Enough is as good as a feast, and frequently better, for it saves us from the ills of surfeit,—the sure punishment of greediness.

1 Timothy 6:9, 10

Money can be used for the best of purposes, but the love of it is idolatry and the cause of countless evils. How is it that so many professed Christians live only to make money, and are just as eager after wealth as the avowed worldling?

1 Timothy 6:17-19

Having spoken to those who seek riches, he now admonishes those who possess them, that they must not hoard for themselves, but lay up treasure in heaven by generously distributing their goods on earth. Have we property? Let us hold it as stewards of the Lord. It is both our duty and our happiness to use all that we have to glorify him who, though he was rich, yet became poor for our sakes. Is he truly ours? Then let all ours be truly his.

1 Timothy 6:20, 21

O Lord, grant that grace may be with us also, this day and till the last great day. Amen.


Let us, in life and death,

Thy steadfast truth declare;

And publish with our atest breath,

Thy love, and guardian care.


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