The trying of your faith worketh patience

The General Epistle of James

James 1

This was probably written by that apostle who has been surnamed The Just, who presided over the council at Jerusalem. His epistle is practical rather than doctrinal. Alford remarks,—”The brother of him who opened his teaching with the Sermon on the Mount, seems to have deeply imbibed the words and maxims of it, as the law of Christian morals.”

James 1:2-4

temptations or trials

And patience will be a crown of honour to you; therefore, viewing trial as an opportunity for proving your graces, you may rejoice in it.

James 1:5-18

All our good is from God, but all our evil is from ourselves and Satan; let us always impute things to their true causes.

James 1:27

These are the best externals of worship—the rubrics of the only divine ritual. The more of daily prayers at sick beds, and offertories received by orphans, the better. Can we not, as a family, remember the orphans to-day and help to support them?


Jesus, poorest of the poor!

Man of sorrows! Child of grief!

Happy they whose bounteous store

Ministers to thy relief.


Happy they who wash thy feet,

Visit thee in thy distress!

Honour great, and labour sweet,

For thy sake the saints to bless.


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