Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith

James 2

James 2:3, 4

The man is more than his clothes. A saint in vile raiment is not vile, neither is a wicked man honourable because of his goodly apparel.

James 2:5

There can therefore be no reason for preferring the rich to the poor, since they are rarely the Lord’s chosen.

James 2:6, 7

Most of the persecution against the gospel has been stirred up by the great: the church has, therefore, no excuse for flattering them.

James 2:8, 9

You fail to act as Christians should do if you despise the poor. Whatever else you may do that is right and good, you ought not to err in this matter.

James 2:13

Mercy reigns in our salvation, let it reign in our conduct to others. To us it is not sweet to take vengeance, but to grant forgiveness.

James 2:18, 19

So that they have a more practical faith than those who say they believe and yet live in sin without qualms of conscience.

James 2:23, 24

Faith alone justifies, but not a faith which is alone and without works.

James 2:25

In any and every case suitable works attend upon saving faith, and it is idle to claim to be saved by faith, unless our lives are holy.


Come unto me, O come to me,

Thou blessed Spirit, come;

To fill my heart with sanctity,

And use it as thy home.


Thy pure and holy influence

Grant, Lord, my soul within;

Expelling, by thy presence, thence

The love and life of sin.


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