Make your calling and election sure

2 Peter 1

The second general epistle of Peter was written to warn the churches against the evil influence of certain teachers, erroneous in doctrine and impure in life. The style is earnest and tender, and is peculiarly marked by a solemn grandeur of imagery and diction.

2 Peter 1:2, 3

Grace comes to us through the understanding; we grow in the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord, and so obtain more grace: hence the importance of earnest thought, and diligent study of the Scriptures.

2 Peter 1:4

Precious faith lays hold on Precious promises, and so raises the soul beyond mere nature into the highest conceivable condition, making it like to God in holiness and virtue. The phrase, “partakers of the divine nature,” is a very remarkable one; we cannot become divine, but we can be “partakers of his holiness.”

2 Peter 1:6, 7

Link these hand in hand as virgins in the dance, or place them one upon another, that like the stones of an arch they may yield mutual support.

2 Peter 1:8-11

You shall enter grace and glory at flood tide, and not as those who are “saved so as by fire.”

2 Peter 1:19

The witness of Scripture is even surer than the voice heard in the mount. How much then ought we to prize it! How well content may we be without visions and revelations.

2 Peter 1:21

We may not regard the Bible as the private word of Moses or Isaiah, but as the revelation of God to all time, most sure and infallible.


Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire;

Let us thine influence prove,

Source of the old prophetic fire,

Fountain of light and love.


God, through himself, we then shall know,

If thou within us shine;

And sound, with all thy saints below,

The depths of love divine.


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