New Christmas Trend Shows How Far America Has Fallen

When I was in school Christmas was a holiday that celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ. Even in the public schools, we sang Christian carols and discussed what the birth of Jesus meant for all of mankind. Our teachers taught us that Jesus was God the Son, a real person who was born of Mary, a virgin, for the purpose to live a perfect life and then make Himself a sacrifice for the sins of all who believed in Him, past, present and future. We were taught that without Jesus birth and death and on the cross, we would have no way to get to heaven when we died.

Then, thanks to a handful of atheists, the US Supreme Court ruled that any mention of God, Jesus and Bible in public schools was a violation of the so-called separation of church and state, something we know is not real. Prayer was also banned from public schools. The bans not only effected public schools, but any government building and organization.

Yet, they allowed their own court along with Congress to have their opening prayers. Congress was allowed to retain a congressional chaplain.

Banning everything biblical and Christian from the public schools started a domino effect that is still going today.

It doesn’t take that much research to track crime rates in America over the past century. Yes, there has always been crimes and they did steadily increase year after year, but after the banning of prayer, the Bible, God and Jesus from public schools and government buildings, the crime rates in America began to climb at a higher rate than before.

Within a generation, violent and personal crimes had skyrocketed compared to the few years before the bans. In fact, you can track a number of declines in the American culture back to the Supreme Court bans.

School kids should no longer sing many of the same Christmas carols, but were only allowed to celebrate a holiday season, but not what the holiday season was supposed to represent. Everything was required to be secular and meaningless.

Stores went wild with advertising the secular greed of Christmas. Many stores start setting up their Christmas displays in September. Promoting the greed of Christmas overshadowed the truly American celebration of Thanksgiving, a holiday that was transformed from thanking God to a celebration of gluttony and self.

Over the past decade, many nativity displays became the subjects of attacks. Secularist demanded equal rights and over the past few years, they have begun to set up atheistic nativity displays that center not on the baby Jesus, but on ghouls, goblins and bloody grotesque beings.

If that hideous and blasphemous nativity displays were not bad and repulsive enough, a new trend is catching on that further displays just how far America, as a nation, has turned from God as shown by this report from our local news:

“You better watch out! You better not cry! You better not pout and there’s a scary reason why! ‘Krampus’ is coming to town.”

“Krampus, Santa Claus’s counterpart, is responsible for punishing all the ‘naughty’ children during the Christmas season, and he will be at a local haunted house attraction for a special event.

The Dent Schoolhouse, which has won awards and has been critically acclaimed as ‘one of the best haunted houses in America’, will be hosting ‘A Christmas Nightmare’ on this Friday and Saturday (December 7th and 8th).”

“‘The Dent Schoolhouse is celebrating Christmas and you are invited to take part in this special 2 day haunted Christmas event! The classrooms and halls are decked out with lights and garland while Christmas trees and presents pepper the old fall festival area. New Christmas creatures inhabit the schoolhouse waiting for Santa’s judgment are you naughty or nice this year?’ says the Dent Schoolhouse on their website.”

“The event is meant for frights and scares, with a festive tinge. It features live actors dressed as everyone from classic Dent Schoolhouse creatures to Krampus to even the Grinch!”

When God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, it was more than just punishing them for their open homosexuality, but for the total depravity of the people of those cities. They focused on satisfying their own personal carnal lusts and desires, which most likely went beyond their sexual perversions.

Friends, this describes what America is becoming today and Christmas displays like that at the Dent Schoolhouse are the visible displays of a deadly disease that is destroying our nation.

Someone asked if there is any hope for America and I responded that with God, there is always hope, but it calls for a national change on the part of the people, a change like that described in 2 Chronicles 7:14 –

“…if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

by David Jolly

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