VIDEO The Gift of Song – Serve the Lord with Gladness

The Gift of Song

Serve [worship] the Lord with gladness; come before His presence with singing. Psalm 100:2

Look in most modern church hymnals, at the bottom of every page, and you’ll see two notations: “Lyrics by . . . “ and “Music by . . . .” Said another way, most hymns begin as poems (lyrics), which are then set to music later, often by a different person. The Bible is filled with poetry of many different kinds—praise, prophecy, lament, confession. The largest collection is the book we know officially as Psalms and unofficially as “Israel’s Hymnal.”

But there are other songs as well, some specifically associated with the birth of Jesus. Mary recited a song of praise for the blessing of being Jesus’ mother (Luke 1:46-55). Zacharias sang a song at the birth of John the Baptist (Luke 1:67-79). The angels announced the birth of Jesus in song (Luke 2:14). Simeon sang a song of prophecy when the baby Jesus was brought to the temple (Luke 2:29-32). We continue the tradition of songs at Christmas with numerous carols extolling the coming of Christ into the world.

Lyrics and music are heavenly gifts (Revelation 5:9-13). What better time and reason than Christmas to lift our voices in worship and praise?

Serve the Lord with Gladness Psalm 100:2 First Word Video Blog, Episode 39

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