VIDEO God Is With Us – Isaiah 8-10:4

God Is With Us

Take counsel together, but it will come to nothing; speak the word, but it will not stand, for God is with us. Isaiah 8:10

Do you have a personal motto? Some families have family shields with mottos expressing their values. Here’s an idea. Whether a motto or simply an awareness you carry within your heart, think of the power of the phrase: “God with us.” That’s the meaning of Immanuel.

An old volume of The Family Christian Almanac said: “There is nothing like the consciousness of Immanuel for men that are fighting the battles of life. Give me, of all mottoes, ‘God with me.’ Oh that I might write on my child’s cradle, ‘Immanuel—God with us.’ Oh, that I might write it on the threshold of every child’s entrance into wedded life: ‘Immanuel—God with us.’ Oh that I might write it on the garments that my child wears, so that they should [see] …. the motto, ‘Immanuel—God with us.’ Oh, that I might write it on every book and task. Oh that it might be inscribed on every fear and sorrow—‘God with us.’ Always and everywhere I would have for my motto, ‘Immanuel.’”1

We can endure difficulties in life because God is with us. Immanuel!

  1. The Family Christian Almanac: 1864 (Boston: American Tract Society, 1864), 24, condensed.

#4 Book of Isaiah 8-10:4 by Chuck Missler

25 years after this was recorded the situation in the middle east with those players is even more relevant than it was then. and the super state of the EU is about to get desperate to hold itself together. And now Iran has nukes! Russia is back in the picture dealing directly with Syria. this is even more surreal now.

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