As many as I love, I do rebuke and chasten

Revelation 3:7-22

Revelation 3:7, 8

Sometimes the weakest may be the best. We shall not be called to account for the strength which we do not possess, but the Lord will commend us if we are faithful in that which is least.

Revelation 3:9

Those whom God loves, their bitterest foes shall be compelled to honour.

Revelation 3:10, 11

You have the crown of being found faithful, never lose it.

Revelation 3:12

The faithful will hold forth to wondering ages the records of divine love, even as pillars bear inscriptions. Happy souls to be thus devoted for ever to their Lord’s glory.

Revelation 3:14-16

Lukewarmness is nauseous to the Lord. The bad may be reclaimed, but those who are neither one thing nor the other are in a hopeless condition, for they are too full of conceit to be led to repentance.

Revelation 3:17-19

When counsel is not sufficient, the Lord uses sharper means with his chosen, for he will not let them slumber on in indifference.

Revelation 3:20

Jesus seeks fellowship with the church as the best means of restoring her. Communion with Jesus makes the heart burn with love, and effectually chases away the lukewarm spirit.

Revelation 3:21, 22

If we are growing chill, let us listen to this solemn rebuke. It will be terrible for us if we ever come to be loathed by our Lord on account of lukewarmness. This sin is common all around us, and we are very liable to it; let us pray for more grace, and, above all, let us open wide our hearts for Jesus to come in. One spiritual feast with him will be of more service to us than all the groaning and moaning in the world. Come, Lord Jesus, and sup with us even now!


When wilt thou come unto me, Lord?

Oh, come, my Lord most dear!

Come near, come nearer, nearer still;

I’m blest when thou art near.


Come spread thy savour on my frame,

No sweetness is so sweet;

Till I get up to sing thy name,

Where all thy singers meet.


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