There was a rainbow round about the throne

There was a rainbow round about the throne.”

Revelation 4

Revelation 4:2, 3

jasper of a rich and brilliant colour

Revelation 4:2, 3

and a sardine stone of blood red hue

Revelation 4:2, 3

Lest the brightness indicated by the jasper, and the fiery justice symbolised by the sardine stone, should repel the gaze of faith, the throne is surrounded by the covenant rainbow, in which the predominating colour is the gentle green, the ensign of mercy.

Revelation 4:4

These represent the church glorified in heaven. Royal ones, for they are crowned; priestly ones, and therefore clothed in white. “He hath made us unto our God kings and priests.”

Revelation 4:6

Probably representing some noble order of creatures which are very near to God, and serve him with great watchfulness and ardour. Perhaps above all angels, cherubim and seraphim, these four orders of beings rise into greater nearness to God.

Revelation 4:7-11

Adoration is the employment of heaven, and none can be desired more honourable or delightful. How happy shall we be when we too shall stand and bow before the throne in concert with that mighty host.

Revelation 5

Revelation 5:1

The roll was full and written on both sides. The divine purposes are here intended.

Revelation 5:6

He possesses fulness of power, fulness of wisdom, and fulness of the Holy Spirit.

Revelation 5:7

No man knows the Father save the Son; the Son alone can reveal the decrees of Jehovah.

Revelation 5:8-10

The Lamb is, therefore, God, or he would not thus be adored. Jesus, our Saviour, is assuredly “God over all, blessed for ever. Amen.”

Revelation 5:11-14

Do all things thus worship Jesus? then let us adore him. Oh for warm hearts with which to extol his precious name. All hail, Lord Jesus! our very souls worship thee with lowliest and most loving reverence.


Who shall the Father’s record search,

And hidden things reveal?

Behold, the Son that record takes,

And opens every seal!


Hark how th’ adoring hosts above

With songs surround the throne!

Ten thousand thousand are their tongues;

But all their joys are one.


“Worthy the Lamb that died,” they cry,

“To be exalted thus;”

“Worthy the Lamb,” our lips reply,

“For he was slain for us.”


Now to the Lamb, that once was slain,

Be endless blessings paid;

Salvation, glory, joy remain

For ever on thy head.


Thou hast redeem’d our souls with blood,

Hast set the prisoners free;

Hast made us kings and priests to God,

And we shall reign with thee.


Thou art the First, and thou the Last;

Time centres all in thee,

The Almighty God, who was, and is,

And evermore shall be.


Thou hast promised by the prophets,

Glorious light in latter days;

Come and bless bewilder’d nations,

Change our prayers and tears to praise:

Promised Spirit,

Round the world diffuse thy rays.


All our hopes, and prayers, and labours,

Must be vain without thine aid:

But thou wilt not disappoint us;

All is true that thou hast said:

Gracious Spirit,

O’er the world thine influence spread.


Praise ye the Lord, exalt his name,

While in his holy courts ye wait,

Ye saints that to his house belong,

Or stand attending at his gate.


Praise ye the Lord; the Lord is good,

To praise his name is sweet employ;

Israel he chose of old, and still

His church is his peculiar joy.


The Lord himself will judge his saints;

He treats his servants as his friends;

And when he hears their sore complaints,

Repents the sorrow that he sends.


In Gabriel’s hand a mighty stone

Lies, a fair type of Babylon:

“Prophets, rejoice, and all ye saints,

God shall avenge your long complaints.”


He said, and dreadful as he stood,

He sank the millstone in the flood:

“Thus terribly shall Babel fall,

Thus and no more be found at all.”


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