Babylon is fallen, is fallen

Revelation 14:6-20

Revelation 14:6, 7

The gospel shall yet be preached in every part of the world. The day will come when the Holy Spirit will arouse the missionary spirit, and many shall go forth to preach the word. Would to God that the time were already come. Cannot we each do something to hasten it?

Revelation 14:8

The Babylon of religion will soon fall when the gospel is everywhere proclaimed. She has a presentiment of this, and therefore endeavours to keep her victims from knowing the way of salvation.

Revelation 14:9-11

It will be a dreadful thing to be in any way identified with religion. The warning here given is most terrible. Let us flee from every form of religion, as Lot fled out of Sodom.

Revelation 14:12

Myriads were martyred by religion, but their blood shall be avenged.

Revelation 14:13

Their persecutors cursed them, but the Lord writes them down as blessed, and their works shall live on to bless future ages. “To die for the Lord, as well as in the Lord, is,” says Latimer, “the greatest promotion in the world.”

Revelation 14:16, 16

Jesus will trust no angel to gather in his wheat, he brings his people into his garner in person.

Revelation 14:17, 18

Here is the judgment of the ungodly. The gathering of them is left to an angel, who cuts them off roughly when they are ripe for vengeance.

Revelation 14:19, 20

By this terrible image the total crushing of the wicked is set forth, with special reference to the persecuting religion. Foxe tells us that the religion  boasted that they would ride up to their saddle-girths in the blood of the Lutherans. How terribly will the Lord punish cruelty!


The Lord shall come! but not the same

As once in lowliness he came;

A silent lamb before his foes,

A weary man, and full of woes.


The Lord shall come! a dreadful form,

With rainbow wreath and robes of storm;

On cherub wings, and wings of wind,

Appointed Judge of all mankind.


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