VIDEO A Vision of God in a Time of Crisis – Choose the Best

Choose the Best

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Matthew 6:33

Do you remember your grammar lessons? In English, two types of adjectives are comparative and superlative. Comparative adjectives rank two different nouns: “Jim is the taller of the two boys.” Superlative adjectives compare a noun to a group at either the upper end or lower end, “Jim is the tallest of all” or “Tom is the smallest of all.” Akin to these rankings are a set of three adjectives that are more subjective: good, better, and best.

In life we would like everything to be clear-cut, making choices easy: good or bad, black or white, yes or no. In reality, most of life—including the Christian life—is more subjective. Among all the options, how do we know if what we do with our time, talent, and treasure is good, better, or best? How do we set priorities for our life? Today, the first day of 2019, is a good day to seek wisdom to make the best choices possible through prayer, Scripture, and wise counsel.

Jesus said the best choice is always to make God’s Kingdom our priority, our best choice. Everything else will fall into place accordingly.

We live by demands when we should live by priorities. J. A. Motyer

A Vision of God in a Time of Crisis (Isaiah 5-6)

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