New Leaves and Social Media Time

By all means save some. 1 Corinthians 9:22

The average person spends more than 5 years of his or her life on social media, and the average teen spends 9 hours a day using social media.To appreciate the generational shift that is occurring, consider this: People older than 50 spend 50 hours a week watching television, but people between 25 and 34 watch a “mere” 26.5 hours a week. They’re looking at smaller screens instead.2

None of us can afford to give that much time to social media. Turn over a new leaf this year and figure out ways to reduce the time you and your children spend online. Reduce the number of apps you use. Adopt more productive hobbies so you’ll have less time to waste.

But when you are on social media sites, think of 1 Corinthians 9:22, where Paul said he used “all means” to share Christ. We have new platforms now for quoting Scripture, for testifying, for pointing others to the Lord. We can share insights and links that advance the Kingdom.

Turn your social media into social ministry, and let’s use “all means” to save some.

Turn a new leaf for me, Father I pray; / Turn a new leaf in my life-book today; / Pardon me graciously, Deal with me wondrously, / Turn a new leaf in my life-book today. Hymnist Eliza Hewitt


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