It is good for you and me to draw near to God

It is good for me to draw near to God.—Psalm 73:28.


—And the sea of care grows still

In the shining of Thy smile;

And Thy love’s all-quickening ray

Chases night and pain away,

That my heart grows light the while.

Wolfgang Christoph Dessler.


If we believe that God is always at hand, always ready to hear, surely we should take delight in telling Him all our little cares, and woes, and hopes, as they flit by.

H.L. Sidney Lear.


If you have not much time at your disposal, do not fail to profit by the smallest portions of time, which remain, to you. We do not need much time in order to love God, to renew ourselves in His Presence, to lift up our hearts towards Him, to worship Him in the depths of our hearts, to offer Him what we do and what we suffer.

Francois De La Mothe Fénelon.


There is always time to look up to Him for His smile.

F.B. Meyer.


These frequent looks of the heart exceedingly sweeten and sanctify our other employments, and diffuse somewhat of heaven through all our actions.

Robert Leighton.


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