In Thy name they shall rejoice all the day

In Thy name shall they rejoice all the day.—Psalm 89:16.


Now first to souls who thus awake

Seems earth a fatherland:

A new and endless life they take

With rapture from His hand.

The fears of death and of the grave

Are whelmed beneath the sea,

And every heart, now light and brave,

May face the things to be.

Friedrich Von Hardenberg.


Happiness, let us understand this well, is as truly our portion here as above; it cannot fail to fall within the lot of those who have chosen for their portion Him whose nature is one with infinite, unalienable Joy. God, in communicating Himself to the soul, of necessity communicates happiness; and all souls in union with Him have returned to their central rest, and are happy, in exact proportion to the closeness and fullness of their union,—happy, in other words, by so much as they have within them of God.

Dora Greenwell.


Happiness, Heaven itself, is nothing else but a perfect conformity, a cheerful and eternal compliance of all the powers of the soul with the Will of God.

Samuel Shaw. 1669.


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