The Lord of peace Himself

The Lord of peace Himself give you peace at all times in all ways.—2 Thessalonians 3:16 (R. V.).

Thou shall hide them in the secret of Thy presence.—Psalm 31:20.


Let my life be hid in Thee,

Life of life and Light of light!

Love’s illimitable sea,

Depth of peace, of power the height!


Let my life be hid in Thee

From vexation and annoy;

Calm in Thy tranquillity,

All my mourning turned to joy.

John Bull.


It is small things that, just because of their smallness, distress and overset us. I mean the weight of daily care, which in their small details of personal expenditure, and in the careful routine of a household, and in the rearing of children, and in the society of friends, and in the outside duty, and in private affairs, singly and separately is sufficiently burdensome; but altogether, and on one set of shoulders, is sometimes felt to be more than the strength can bear. Those anxious lives, tempted to be fretful, and hasty, and self-important, and fussed with their incessant activities, may, if rightly interpreted, and manfully grasped, settle down into round and sunny centers of regular, and peaceful, and fruitful activities. Where there is prayer, there is peace; and God, who makes every duty possible, knows, helps, and cares.

Anthony W. Thurold


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