Knowing God

James 1:1-8

Christianity is unique among the religions of the world for several reasons, one of which is that our God is relational. He has given us His Word in order that we may know Him more accurately and intimately. In addition, He uses all kinds of life situations to teach us about who He is.

Jesus said, “In the world you have tribulation” (John 16:33), so none of us should expect to be free of problems. Life is often difficult and harrowing, but today’s passage tells us how to maintain a biblical outlook through it all. There are various attributes of God that we would never truly know without the benefit of pain and suffering.

• To know the Lord as Comforter means we must be in need of consolation, due to suffering or discouragement.

• To discover that God is our strength, we must experience weakness and come to the end of our ability to persevere.

• Our Father’s faithfulness becomes evident when others prove unfaithful.

• God’s wisdom is recognized when the world’s wisdom lets us down and all our own maneuvering fails.

• Divine trustworthiness shines brighter when those around us are unreliable.

The process of knowing God starts at salvation and continues throughout eternity. As your comprehension of Him grows, so will your understanding of His ways. You’ll become confident of His love, and a satisfying closeness will develop. Out of gratitude and love, you’ll want to live in ways that please and glorify Him.

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