Jesus stood still, and commanded him

Jesus stood still, and commanded him to be called.—Mark 10:49.


As we meet and touch, each day,

The many travelers on our way,

Let every such brief contact be

A glorious, helpful ministry;

The contact of the soil and seed,

Each giving to the other’s need,

Each helping on the other’s best,

And blessing, each, as well as blest.

Susan Coolidge.


Do we not sometimes feel, in trial or perplexity, that others might help us if they would only stop and listen? But they will not, and in their constant hurry we know it is little use to speak. Let us note the lesson for ourselves, and give what we ask,—leisure to hear, attentive, concentrated, not divided,—calm, patient consideration. It may be our busy work, as we think, for the Master, which so overcrowds our lives that we have not time for this “standing still.” Sad eyes meet ours, but we cannot stay to read their story. Some look to us for help in battles which we fought long ago, but we cannot turn aside to see how it fares with them in the strife, or to whisper the secret of victory. But He would have said, even though some plans of our own for His service were put aside, “Ye have done it unto Me.”

H. Bowman.


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