Thy will be done, in heaven, and earth

Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth.—Luke 11:2.


Thy Father reigns supreme above,

The glory of His name

Is Grace and Wisdom, Truth and Love,

His will must be the same.

And thou hast asked all joys in one,

In whispering forth, “Thy will be done.”

Frances R. Havergal.


In heaven God’s will is done, and the Master teaches the child to ask that the will may be done on earth just as in heaven, in the spirit of adoring submission and ready obedience. Because the will of God is the glory of heaven, the doing of it is the blessedness of heaven. As the will is done, the kingdom of heaven comes into the heart.

Andrew Murray.


What is it thou wouldst have done, that He cannot do if He think fit? And if He think it not fit, if thou art one of His children, thou wilt think with Him; thou wilt reverence His wisdom, and rest satisfied with His will. This is believing indeed; the rolling all our desires and burdens over upon an almighty God; and where this is, it cannot choose but establish the heart in the midst of troubles, and give it a calm within in the midst of the greatest storms.

Robert Leighton.


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