Also walk in the Spirit

If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.—Galatians 5:25.

He that followetb me shall not walk in darkness.—John 8:12.


No, my dear Lord, in following Thee,

Not in the dark, uncertainly,

This foot obedient moves,

T’is with a Brother and a King,

Who many to His yoke will bring;

Who ever lives and ever loves.

John Gambold.


If we are so led by the Spirit, where we go, and what we do, is of comparatively little moment; we may be forced by the circumstances of our life into surroundings that seem full of peril, but if God sent us there, such surroundings can do us no harm, though they may dull our feeling of happiness. Only let us remember that if, by God’s mercy, we are free agents, and can choose our own way of life, then it is simple mockery to talk of aspirations for the higher life, if we deliberately indulge our lower nature, by living in an atmosphere of worldliness, or by doing something which is, perhaps, quite innocent for others, but consciously works us harm.

George H. Wilkinson.


No one who has not tried it would believe how many difficulties are cleared out of a man’s road by the simple act of trying to follow Christ.

Alexander MacLaren.


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