Be counted worthy of the Kingdom of God

That ye may be counted worthy of the Kingdom of God.—2 Thessalonians 1:5.


Fear not, for He hath sworn,

Faithful and true His name;

The glorious hours are onward borne,

‘T is lit, th’ immortal flame;

It glows around thee; kneel, and strive, and win

Daily one living ray—’twill brighter glow within.

John Keble.


Count that day lost (though thou mayest have dispatched much business therein) in which thou hast neither gained some victory over thine own evil inclinations and thy self-will, nor returned thanks to thy Lord for His mercies.

Lorenzo Scupoli.


Between dawn and dark there is time enough for the collisions of disinterestedness with selfishness in our dealings with our fellow-creatures, in the life of our own homes; time enough to meet or to evade the demands of homely faithfulness in our several work, time enough to confront the sturdy rebellion of passions and besetting sins against our spiritual nature, time enough to win or to lose heaven in.

Henry Wilder Foote


It is no small matter to lose or to gain the Kingdom of God.

Thomas Á Kempis.


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