Be not anxious for the morrow

Be not therefore anxious for the morrow.—Matthew 6:34 (R. V.)

I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee; be strong and of a good courage.—Joshua 1:5, 6.

I have laid help upon one that is mighty.—Psalm 89:19.


Thou hast Thy help upon the mighty laid;

In Him I trust, nor know to want or fear,

But ever onward walk, secure from sin,

For He has conquered every foe within.

Jones Very.


Why should we, then, burden ourselves with superfluous cares, and fatigue and weary ourselves in the multiplicity of our ways? Let us rest in peace. God Himself inviteth us to cast our cares, our anxieties upon Him.

Madame Guyon.


If we may take one test or sign by which to judge of advance in the spiritual life, it would be this—whether more and more calmness is being maintained in the midst of all the disturbances and troubles which are wont to come, which may ever be looked for in some form or other, whether there be peacefulness of mind, and order of thought in the midst of all that once too much distracted and agitated the soul.

T. T. Carter.


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