Thy comforts delight my soul

In the multitude of my thoughts within me, Thy comforts delight my soul.—Psalm 94:19.


Oh, listen then, Most Pitiful!

To Thy poor creature’s heart;

It blesses Thee that Thou art God,

That Thou art what Thou art!

Frederick W. Faber.


What the particular thoughts or temptations are that disquiet you, I know not; but, whatsoever they are, look above them, and labor to fix your eye on that infinite goodness, which never faileth them that, by faith, do absolutely rely and rest upon it; and-patiently wait upon Him, who hath pronounced them all, without exception, blessed that do so.

Robert Leighton.


Thoughts that disturb and trouble us seldom come from God. It is generally best to put them away, and throw ourself, with increased trust in Him and mistrust of self, at His feet. And never forget, amid whatever may befall you,—dryness, coldness, desolation, and disappointment, consciousness of many faults, and of great weakness, and want of faith,—that where love is, there God is sure to be. He never yet has suffered any soul to fall wholly from Him which, amid all its frailties and falls, clings to Him in love.

H. L. Sidney Lear.


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