Lord do that which seems good

The Lord do that which seemeth Him good.—2 Samuel 10:12.


The best will is our Father’s will,

And we may rest there calm and still,

Oh! make it hour by hour thine own,

And wish for naught but that alone

Which pleases God.

Paul Gerhardt.


Thy will be done.” For instance, when you wish, and by every means endeavor, to be well, and yet remain ill,—then say, “Thy will be done.” When you undertake something, and your undertaking does not succeed, say, “Thy will be done.” When you do good to others, and they repay you with evil, say, “Thy will be done,” Or when you would like to sleep, and are overtaken by sleeplessness, say, “Thy will be done.” In general, do not become irritated when anything is not done in accordance with your will, but learn to submit in everything to the Will of the Heavenly Father.

Father John.


Try to make an instantaneous act of conformity to God’s Will, at everything which vexes you.

Edward B. Pusey.


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