VIDEO Special Delivery Broadcasting, Broken Covenant

Then the Lord said, “Broadcast this message in the streets of Jerusalem. Go from town to town throughout the land and say, ‘Remember the ancient covenant.’” Jeremiah 11:6, NLT

In 1922, Pastor William Ward Ayer of Valparaiso, Indiana, was visiting the home of one of the members of his church when he was introduced to a new apparatus—a crystal radio. After a lot of squeals and screeches, Ayer, to his utter amazement, heard a man speaking from Chicago, fifty miles away. Years later as the pastor of a New York church, Ayer preached to a quarter-million listeners every week.

Nearly a hundred years later, Turning Point and many other Bible-based ministries reach millions of people every day with the Gospel. And there are many opportunities for us all to be involved. For example, a woman in Virginia works for a national rental car agency, prepping the cars for the next customer. She always makes sure to tune the radio to a nearby Christian station so the renter will have the opportunity to hear the Gospel, if only for a moment.

Whenever we find a way to share the Truth, however small the effort may seem, it’s a special delivery because our message is so special and it’s our privilege to deliver it.

God wants to use you to bring other people to Himself. Greg Laurie

24 Jeremiah 11-15 – Pastor Chuck Smith – C2000 Series

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