Rest and Renewal


Ancient shepherds knew their sheep by name.
David painted a picture and put us into it.
The club was a weapon to ward off beasts.
A good shepherd never left his sheep alone.
He too saw us as “sheep without a shepherd.”

F. B. Meyer wrote:
He has a shepherd’s heart, beating with pure and generous love that counted not His own lifeblood too dear a price to pay down as our ransom. He has a shepherd’s eye, that takes in the whole flock and misses not even the poor sheep wandering away on the mountains cold. He has a shepherd’s faithfulness, which will never fail or forsake, leave us comfortless, nor flee when He sees the wolf coming. He has a shepherd’s strength, so that He is well able to deliver us from the jaw of the lion or the paw of the bear. He has a shepherd’s tenderness; no lamb so tiny that He will not carry it; no saint so weak that He will not gently lead; no soul so faint that He will not give it rest.

…I lay down my life for the sheep.
He died for all sin…
The crucifixion is the point of the story.
He hears the faintest cry.

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