Wealthy Saints

Ephesians 1:1-4

If you are a Christian, you are wealthy whether you realize it or not. Of course, I’m referring to spiritual wealth, not material. Yet many professing believers live like spiritual paupers because they don’t fully believe what God has given them or promised in His Word.

If that describes you, take note of the hope offered in today’s passage. Anyone who’s been saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus is a saint. This is a term applied to every true believer, and it simply means that whoever belongs to Christ is set apart from this world and to God. And our Father wants to give His saints blessings because of their union with His Son (Eph. 1:3).

The source of our blessings is God. We don’t have to wait for them since He has already given them to us.

The nature of these blessings is spiritual and heavenly. They enrich our spirit no matter how little or how much we have materially. We possess every spiritual blessing God has given us, even though the fullness of all that He’s promised won’t be ours until we reach heaven.

The agent of our blessings is Christ. Every divine benefit comes to us by way of our unbreakable union with the Savior as He lives in us and we through Him.

The more we learn to live in the spiritual blessings described in verses 1-4, the greater will be our peace in the midst of trouble, contentment in times of need, and joy in our trials. And we can look forward to pleasures forever in heaven with Christ (Ps. 16:11).

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