Rejoice the soul of Thy servant

Rejoice the soul of Thy servant; for unto Thee, O Lord do I lift up my soul.—Psalm 86:4.


Ah, dearest Lord! to feel that Thou art near,

Brings deepest peace, and hushes every fear;

To see Thy smile, to hear Thy gracious voice,

Makes soul and body inwardly rejoice

With praise and thanks!

Christian Gregor.


Prayer is a habit; and the more we pray the better we shall pray. Sometimes to go to be alone with God and Christ in the fellowship of the Spirit, just for the joy and blessedness of it; to open, with reverent yet eager hands, the door into the presence chamber of the great King, and then to fall down before Him, it may be, in silent adoration; our very attitude an act of homage, our merely being there, through the motive that prompts it, being the testimony of our soul’s love; to have our set day-hours of close communion, with which no other friends shall interfere, and which no other occupations may interrupt; to which we learn to look forward with a living gladness; on which we look back with satisfaction and peace; this indeed is prayer.

Anthony W. Thurold


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