Inasmuch as Christ has suffered for us

Forasmuch then as Christ hath suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves likewise with the same mind.—1 Peter 4:1.


Take thy whole portion with thy Master’s mind—

Toil, hindrance, hardness, with His virtue take—

And think how short a time thy heart may find

To labor or to suffer for His sake.

Anna L. Waring.


Your portion is to love, to be silent, to suffer, to sacrifice your inclinations, in order to fulfill the will of God, by molding yourself to that of others. Happy indeed you are thus to bear a cross laid on you by God’s own hands, in the order of His Providence, The discipline which we choose for ourselves does not destroy our self-love like that which God assigns us Himself each day. All we have to do is to give ourselves up to God day by day, without looking further. He carries us in His arms as a loving carries her child. In every need let us look with love and trust to our Heavenly Father.

Francois De La Mothe Fénelon.

The loving heart which seeks to offer all, even disappointments and vexations which touch the tenderest places, to God, will be more likely to grow in generosity of spirit than one who bears grudgingly what cannot be averted.

H.L. Sidney Lear.


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