The meek shall inherit the earth

The meek shall inherit the earth, and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.—Psalm 37:11


Joy is Thy gift, O Father!

Thou wouldst not have us pine;

In darkest hours Thy comfort

Doth aye most brightly shine;

Ah, then how oft Thy voice

Hath shed its sweetness o’er me,

And opened heaven before me,

And bid my heart rejoice!

Paul Gerhardt.


To be with God, in whatever stage of being, under whatever conditions of existence, is to be in heaven.

Dora Greenwell.


I perceive we postpone all our joys of Christ, till He and we be in our own house above, thinking that there is nothing of it here to be sought or found, but only hope and fair promises; and that Christ will give us nothing here but tears, sadness, crosses; and that we shall never feel the smell of the flowers of that high garden of paradise above, “till we come there. Nay, but I find it possible to find young glory, and a young green paradise of joy even here. We dream of hunger in Christ’s house, while we are here, although He alloweth feasts to all the bairns within God’s household.

Samuel Rutherford.


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