Are they not all ministering spirits

Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?—Hebrews 1:14.


Near you in sympathy the angels stand,

Their unseen hosts encompass you around,

Strong and unconquerable the glorious band,

And loud their songs and hymns of victory sound,

And near you, though invisible, are those,

The good and just of every age and clime,

Who while on earth have fought the self-same foes,

And won the fight through faith and love sublime;

Let not the hosts of sin inspire a fear,

For lo! far mightier hosts are ever near!

Jones Very.


With every evil: overcome, and every new likeness of Christ inwardly put on, you are brought more completely within the circle of the great cloud of witnesses, the myriads of angels in full assembly, and the spirits of good men made perfect; their strength passes mightily into your soul and their peace is laid brightly within the heart. This is one of the essential elements of our strength when we are supported and buoyed up in doing the Divine will. You are not marching alone. You feel it; you know it. Visible or invisible, a mighty host is with you; you are marching with them in countless and serried numbers; one spirit moves the whole and lifts their feet, and they keep step to the same music.

Edmund H. Sears.


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